The Story

Life had not turned out at all how Matt Stamper had envisioned...

Growing up as a Hoosier, his dream had always been to one day star in the NBA; however, reality hit hard when he found himself only able to go so far as playing a low level of college basketball. 

Though still believing his best day was conceived while traveling the Romans road, yet—with his basketball dream dead—he would willfully accept a passionless job where he would be consequently driven deep into a pit of isolated despair with no hope of escape.

In the midst of the seemingly endless miles within his sales “desert,” all the while trying to free himself by imagining a new dream of working behind the silver screen of Hollywood, he would ultimately be brought by his Unseen Passenger to the most incredible discovery of his life that in turn would usher him on a path to the most unimaginable place he had ever been—a place simply unlike any other.

From the pit of despair to the summit of abundance…this is the story of the time he spent riding with THE KING.